#springiscoming (promise!)

Its mid-Feb and everyone is feeling this lousy weather... but I can't help but think of SPRING. I'm one of those crazy positive people and seeing all of the boxes come in from the postman these days is making me really excited! Today we received some AMAZING new Spring jean jackets from Second Denim Company and if their jackets are as amazing as their Yoga Jeans then we'll have a winner for sure :D Canadian label Annie 50 is in and their new collection is adorable as always with cute sparrow print wrap dresses and a lovely red fitted jacket, which paired with your favourite dressy jeans is sure to turn heads anywhere.  We're working hard to get all of the new pieces out on the sales floor as it seems that this time of year we ladies are usually in need of a little "pick me up". Soon ladies, SOON the wind will have that lovely comforting feel of your softest vintage scarf over your shoulders. Until then, let us help you find that hidden smile under your thickest chunky knit muffler.... we know its in there somewhere! 

See you soon, 

Cynthia :)