2015- The Year of the Scarf

As the warm months of summer faded away, the ever powerful scarf trend emerged. Not just any scarf, scarves the size of blankets draped the shoulders of trendy women everwhere and we couldn't be happier about it (or warmer!).

There are a million ways to add your own style to this trend to keep it fresh and fabulous. Remember that beautiful broach your grandmother gave you? Now's the time to dust it off. Use it to secure your scarf over top of all of your warm, winter layers and add a personal touch. Or wrap the scarf around you and add a belt. Instantly making the scarf more than just a scarf, but our new favourite accessory!

There are a million different colours and patterns to chose from! Our personal favourites are plaids (of any colour) or classic, solid colours dressed up with some beautiful necklaces or earrings.

It's cold out there, ladies. Might as well look fabulous while staying warm!