New year, new trends!

Ya know what my favourite part about a new year is? The Spring trend preview! There's nothing like dreaming of floral prints, bright colours, light fabrics and ruffles to keep you warm during the deep freeze!

The runways for Spring 2016 were the things that our fashion dreams were made of and all across the fashion board, the trends were obvious. Here's a mini run down of the biggest and best trends that dominated the runways this season.


Ruffles - Ruffles were everywhere this season! From lining the bottoms of mid length skirts, to large flamenco inspried collars, ruffles stole the show (and we're okay with it!). It's a super fun way to add some movement to any piece and is guaranteed to make you smile while getting dressed.

Is it a nightie or a dress? - Can't tell, don't care! Silk and satin and lace, oh my! Soft, sexy, and all things feminine ruled this Spring trend. From silk slips, to satin dresses to silk camisoles tucked into your boyfriend jeans or worn under your blazer for work, this trend definitely has us dreaming of sunshine and warm breezes! 

Stripes - Every Spring we see the classic, nautical inspired stripe hit the runway. But this season has a much more fun take on the stripe. Big, bold stripes, going every direction and in every colour imaginable! Forget about the horizontal navy stripe, we're talking thick, loud, neon stripes going diagonally across your body. Wait, did a thin, pink stripe just cross the thick stripe? It sure did. Stripes this season have a geometrical twist to them, keeping them fresh and exciting and totally playful for spring. 

The 90s - Okay, so we all know the 90's have been a trend for a little while now, but this Spring the trend is more minimalist and understated. Throw out those stretchy, plastic chokers and opt for a simple black line. Feeling a little bit sporty today? Sneakers and a jersey inpsired tank top will do the trick. Plain, simple long sleeves in soft jersey cottons are comfortable go to items for every day. Mix those with a mini skirt and a platform shoe and hello 90s! 

Think warm thoughts, think warm thoughts. Spring will be here before you know it!