Interactive online slot machines are definitely from the newer era of casino games, in that a slot no longer just has to be spun wheels but rather offers you far more entertainment than what was initially thought. Gemix 2 happens to fall into this category where players will love them while traditionalists might want to stay away due to their preference for older formats taught over time through experience. Petty cash-out fees have been replaced with hefty jackpots which can lead many people who don’t know how much these things matter when playing gems stations to end up losing everything because there’s always hope until finally giving up completely only realizing it.

Play’n Go is a veteran in the iGaming industry, having been around for quite some time. They have released many popular casino games we’ve reviewed such as The Green Knight and Piano Club among others over their long career; one title worth noting specifically about this stable’s work on Gemix was its first installment which looked very similar to what came next – namely because they used Cluster Pays instead of pay lines! There are now five characters representing worlds (instead four) thanks to another new addition: an evil-looking knight with golden armour who rides into battle against players’ pianos at regular intervals throughout gameplay.

Bonuses and Jackpots

With a wagering window that should see you play at an enjoyable rate, Gemix 2 has the right mix of bonuses and features to make it one for your bucket list. The minimum bet is only 20p while we recommend maxing out on 100 pounds total spent to achieve those lucrative 7500x wins! With medium risk volatility like this game offers there won’t be any periods where luck will run dry – so give them ago today before time runs thin!!!

Feature Symbols

One thing we don’t like about online slots that use the Cluster Pay mechanic is how unimpressive and forgettable all of these symbols are. There’s just no way for you to tell which ones will give out higher payouts because they look exactly alike! They’re both shapes consisting mostly of rectangles, triangles, squares – even hexagons sometimes show up in lower valued games too; but I guess flowers or half-moons could be considered wants depending on what type of machine it is at any given time determines whether one prefers them over others when playing his/her favourite title(s).

The four wilds that can land at random are each a personal item of the characters in this game. Wild substitutes regular icons to create winning combos!

Bonuses and Jackpots

Bonuses and Jackpots

The Crystal Charge Metre is filled with 25+ symbols, which will trigger one of four different modifiers.

  • Crystal Warp – Transforms symbols into one symbol for a probable win
  • Light Beam – A light beam will flash to change symbols into the same symbol
  • Nova Blast – A random symbol explodes, exploding adjacent symbols that all turn into the same symbol
  • Chain Lightning – 2 corner symbols are connected via a lightning chain, with the hit symbols all transforming into one of the corner icons

If you manage to land 50 winning icons on the same spin, then all these modifiers will trigger simultaneously and give a 2x multiplier.

When you land on a yellow cell, it will take you to another world. Four different worlds can be reached from this one and each has its own set of rewards for landing in them: The Miner’s Kingdom offers coins; Knight territory produces Gems; Fairy grounds give out Stars while Wizard battlefronts yield Fireballs! But don’t forget about the World Bonus-landing wherever leave behind an object which could potentially score us some extra bucks (or points).

Play Gemix 2 Slot at PartyCasino

Gemix 2 is a slot game with an array of features that will give you more than just gambling. The wild symbols can make their appearance sticky, carry multipliers and show up in masses! This title has plenty going on to keep any player entertained so it’s no wonder why this online slot became one top-rated games out there today.